10 Tips How You Can Prevent Cyberbullying for Your Child

How can I prevent cyberbullying?

What is the impact of cyberbullying?

Bullying is a problem that affects ALL children - those who bully, those who are victimized, and those who are witnesses to violence.


Later in life, victims of cyberbullying have a higher risk of depression, a lower self-esteem and are more likely to get problems with alcohol and drug use.


And by the age of 24, 35-40% had three or more criminal convictions.

What is 'cyberbullying'?

Cyberbullying means willfully and repeatedly harming through text messages, phone calls, shared photos/video's, trough email, gaming or websites.


The general consensus is that one out of three children are bullied at school, in the neighborhood, or online and that one out of three children bully others.

10 Tips How You Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying for Your Child

1. Never get mad! If they tell you about their problems - online or offline, they trust you and they probably need your advice. Getting mad will scare them and they won't come back at you if they are in real trouble. You should thank them for their honesty.


2. Talk with and listen to your kids everyday. Research shows that parents are often the last to know when their child had bullied or been bullied. Spend a few minutes every day asking open ended questions about who they spend their days with. If your children feel comfortable talking to you about their peers, they feel much more motivated to talk to you about their social struggles.


3. Talk with your child about the possible consequences of their acts to their victims. Most of the time children don't know how much they harmed someone with the things they said.


4. Encourage your kids to tell you if they, or someone they know, is being cyberbullied. Explain that you won't take away their computers or cell phones, if they inform you about a problem they are having.


5.Teach your kids how to respond to bullies. Most bullies are only seeking for attention, so not giving them attention is already solving the problem in case of an attack.

6. Teach your kids to stand up when friends or acquaintances are getting bullied.  Given that 88% of all children have ever witnessed other people being mean or cruel, it will make it easier for them to know what to do, like adressing a teacher, you or another authority figure.


7. Learn about social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anything! The number one reason why children don't involve their parents in online problems is, because most of the adults don't understand social media. Therefore they don't expect their parents to understand their online life, and decide not to involve them.


8. Keep your home computers at easily viewable places, such as the livingroom or the kitchen. This way you could easily see what your child is doing and this way you might see things, which you want to discuss.


9. Follow/become friends with your children on social media. If your child doesn't want that, ask someone else to do it for you. This way you can see what your child says online.


10. Listen to your children. Before anybody is being bullied there are a lot of signs, which should warn you. For example, declining grades or using a fake account. If so, talk to your child and listen to his/her problems.

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